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PokPok is a Gamified Options Protocol

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In our poultry-powered universe, every action involved in the lifecycle of trading an option is represented by an in-game action related to caring for your chicken NFTs

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Genesis Flock NFT

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$Pok TGE

our native token.
Flock holders & users farming points on our mini-game get guaranteed airdrops
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Protocol Launch

hatch, harvest, farm, battle.

The Protocol will transform how options are traded.
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The Quest for Golden Eggs

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Golden Eggs are the most valuable asset in PokPok Protocol.
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They allow users to earn money by claiming a portion of the protocol's profits, and are only obtained when users stake their profitable chickens.

Choosing The Correct Path

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Raise healthy (profitable) chickens by making calculated and strategic decisions.
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healthy Chickens can be farmed (staked) producing golden eggs, sick (unprofitable) chickens can be burnt for a return.

The Crystal Ball

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Just like a crystal ball, PAYG options provides users a chance to offload their option risk to the future.
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Protocol users will be able to cut losses if things are not going well and maximize profits if prices are going in their favor.

DOn't fade the flock

Upcoming milestones include: Onchain Mini-Game, TGE & Protocol launch. Stay tuned.

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